Faith Development

Saint James offers a number of study programs throughout the year.  Please follow our website or contact the church office to have your e-mail added to our contact list.  For “Keeping In Touch”,  please call the church office to leave your e-mail.

Saint James has an active Sunday School program for all ages.  We have trained and qualified teachers for all ages.



Please follow our weekly bulletin for updates.

The Youth Development Fund (YDF) is a new initiative designed to assist children and adolescents who do not fit the criteria of the existing Children’s Health Fund, but are still in need of our help.The present oversight committee – comprised of Gail Lawrence, Barb Kierstead and Jolene Caverhill – will work with the Woodstock office of Mental Health and Addiction, who are counseling area families. This partnership will ensure the fund is properly managed.The programs and services covered by the YDF include skills development, mentoring, meal programs, personal supplies, and educational support. Individuals will be confidentially assessed for this support by a social worker, psychologist or a registered nurse.The YDF was the brainchild of the Stewardship Committee, which promoted the idea to the Board of Stewards (BoS). After a presentation by Mental Health and Addiction personnel, the BoS approved the idea on January 17, 2017. The matter was then presented to the Official Board of Saint James United Church, which ultimately gave its approval.An initial investment of $2225.00 has been provided to the YDF by anonymous donors. Official Saint James United Church receipts will be issued for all donations.

The Quilting Group meets each Wednesday at 1:00 p.m. for a time of Quilting, Tea and Fellowship. They welcome all those who enjoy the art of Quilting and funds raised from their work is used for outreach projects within the community.

Ages 9-11, Tuesdays

Ages 12-14, Tuesday Evenings

Ages 15+, Tuesday Evenings