Kirk Church

Memories of the Kirk Church

David and Wallace Gibson deeded a parcel of land to James Rankin Sr. James Rankin Jr.

David Jinson, George Trafton and Alexander Kearney were trustees of Saint James Church in connection with the Church of Scotland in the Parish of Northampton.  This church was called “Greenbank” or “The Kirk.”

It is believed that this church was built sometime between 1856-1857.

There is an unusual mosque like bell tower in which hangs a bell that was sent out from Scotland.

The walls and ceilings are of plaster and the interior of the church is almost unchanged since it was built.

The interior of the building is about 45 ft. long and 35 ft. wide and there are three sections of pews.  These original pews are very straight backed, made of golden oak and would seat about 100 people.

The pulpit is on a platform that has a carpet on it.  This is a replacement for the original high pulpit which is now in the vestry at the Presbyterian Church in Woodstock.

To the right of the pulpit stands an old reed organ, the bellows of which are filled with air by foot pumps.  It was made by the Thomas Organ and Piano Company of Woodstock, Ontario.

In 2009 Saint James United Church purchased a new digital piano and the Kirk now has an upright piano to the left of the pulpit.

Between 1959 and 1962 Rev. H. G. MacKenzie preached at the Kirk every second Sunday afternoon for three summers.

The Kirk continues to be alive and active throughout the year with special services by Rev. Adekunle Benjamin Adeniyi, weddings, and the occasional baptism.