Walk About


The movie “Crocodile Dundee” always features a “walk-a-about” where the actor just goes to “see what he can see.”  It might be interesting to invite members of our congregation and any others interested to take a “walk-a-about” through out the Sanctuary.  There’s more to see than just the pews, the choir loft and stained-glass windows.

Here’s some of the things you will find and, for some, the reasons for there being in our church.

  1. A picture of “The Last Supper” in memory of Robert and Helen Franklin.
  2. A plaque in loving memory of C. Allan Poole whose generous bequest to Saint James United Church is gratefully acknowledged.
  3. Along the Green Street entry way the stained-glass window panes in memory of Rev. Isaac L. Walls, Hon. William Lindsey,  and Rev. M. H. Manuel, DD.,       and wife Annie.
  4. A plaque indicating that the speaker system was placed in memory of Group Captain Robert E. MacBride, DFC,CD.
  5. A framed listing of those from our Church who served in the Second World War.
  6. In the “main entrance” over the doors, the beautiful stained-glass window is in memory of  Isadora and Russell McCloskey.
  7. The side stained-glass windows also in the “main entry” are in memory of Donald Parker.
  8. Too, there is a painting of our Church, done by Lucy Cougle, in the entryway.
  9. And on the other wall you will see our “Citation for Citizenship” acknowledging the part we played, as a church, helping newcomers to our country.
  10. The cross on the small table in the entryway is in loving memory of Louise McElroy.
  11. The “rack” inside the main entrance that contains copies of church publications, was presented in loving memory of Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Caldwell by daughters, Muriel, Beryl and Audrey.
  12. There, you will also find a plaque indicating that Sanctuary lighting is in memory of Dr. Kenneth A. Heatherington.
  13. The large stained glass window facing Chapel Street contains a “pane” in loving memory of Theresa E. Manzer and her mother, Marg E. Belyea.
  14. In the other entry way off Chapel Street you will see the stained-glass window in memory of Dr. Kenneth A. Heatherington.
  15. Also over this entry door you will see the stained-glass window in loving memory of Edna (Lawson) Tompkins.
  16. There’s a framed picture and poem acknowledging the flower planted in memory of Heather Leonard and Ruth Leonard.  The poem was written by Kaye Shearer.
  17. The third large stained-glass window acknowledges David J. Holder, Rev. Norman Estey, and Robert A. Hay.   All three stained glass windows are      interior lighted.
  18. Our lectern stand was presented by the U.C.W., Unit 2, in memory of Mrs. Charles Jamison.
  19. The Advent Wreath Stand was given by Rex Clark in memory of his wife, Joan.
  20. The Cross that graces the table on the platform is in memory of Robert W. Hay and J. Wilmot Hay.
  21. The two candle holders on that table are in memory of Jennie M. Steeves.
  22. The brass bible stand was placed from the Memorials Piano Fund.
  23. The baptism font is in memory of I.C.A. and G. H. Connell.
  24. Through the graces of our Memorial Piano Fund a digital piano and cover has been purchased for the sanctuary.
  25. The choir offering plate has been placed in memory of Fulton, Agnes and Gerald Smith.
  26. A plaque indicating the Sanctuary Audio System is dedicated to the Glory of God and in loving memory of departed choir members by the Senior Choir of Saint James United Church.
  27. On the wall, near the platform is a bronze plaque honouring the men who served in the Great War and those who gave their lives – 1914-1918.
  28. In the choir loft a stained-glass window in memory of Nancy Lynn Cox.
  29. And a needlepoint depicting Jesus the Shepherd is in loving memory of George B. Gardiner.

Since doing the walk-a-about of the Church Sanctuary, it has come to my attention that there are a few other items that should be mentioned.  These include:

The backdrop in the Choir Loft which is the handiwork of the late LaF. Rogers; the Communion set we use when parishioners are served in the pews; The plaques and Scouting memorabilia on the wall outside the Church office; and the bookcase, library and comfortable seating so generously given the Sherwood family, as well as, a wall clock in memory of Marjorie Pratt.

Pew Cushions and back rests have been purchased for the Sanctuary along with a Hearing Impaired System.

We would like to recognize the contribution made by Ralph Vail through his woodworking talents-Sunday School Collection Church, wooden flower stands, Christ Candle Stand and also the beautiful collection trays used at the Kirk Church.

In the Green Street Entrance a stain-glass window has been placed in memory of the United Church Women.

Our Church Communion Sets – the bread trays and juice trays  — have the following engravings:

Bread Trays:  “In Memory of Mrs. Harrison Rogers by M.C. Wade.”
Juice Trays:  “In loving memory of our son and brother, George B. Gardiner,  February 24, 1946 – Dec. 6, 1964.  Presented by Father and Mother, sisters Joan and Debra”

Pottery Communion Set
The Yahama CVP Electronic Piano
The Pulpit and matching chairs were donated in loving memory of Samuel A. Billings by his wife, Eurie Billings on November 19, 1978.

There may be some other items I have failed to notice and mention.  If so, please let Mary know in the church office and we will see they are recognized.